Baby Care (Maternity) in Dubai and the UAE

Many patients have commented that whilst they felt wonderfully supported during pregnancy and birth, once they got home with a brand new baby. It was a different story. The most important thing when you are learning to look after your baby is to have consistent, encouraging, available support. We know how daunting it is going home with a brand new baby, and also how reassuring it is to know that kind, experienced professional help is at hand. (Baby nurse in Dubai and Abu Dhabi — Minimum service 12 hours. Baby nurse in UAE — 24 hour service only.)


New Born Care

  • We provide comprehensive post-natal care in the comfort of our client’s homes by providing new mothers with all of the support and information they need to meet their babies’ needs, we ensure that they are able to experience this exciting new stage in life with confidence.
  • With a nurse in the house to help care for your baby, the transition into motherhood is easier and more rewarding than ever. You’ll have more time to bond with your child in the earliest stages of his or her life.  Best of all, the experience of caring for the newest member of your family will be enriching and fulfilling rather than exhausting.
  • Our qualified registered nurses have experience in providing baby care to new mothers.

Post natal / new born nursing service includes:

  • Post-surgery care following a caesarean section
  • Post-natal and newborn assessment (assessing, observing and reporting the condition)
  • Checking on the mother’s post-natal recovery
  • Breastfeeding (along with common problems encountered)
  • Breast care
  • Checking on the baby’s well-being and growth
  • Providing baby care and observation 24-hours a day
  • Providing encouragement and psychological support to the mother
  • Umbilical cord care
  • Baby eye care
  • Establish sleeping pattern to new-born
  • Cord care/Circumcised & Uncircumcised care
  • Bathing, dressing, diapering and general needs of the new born
  • Scheduling of appointments (vaccinations, check-ups and laboratories)
  • Assisting with tests and evaluations (if needed)
  • Guidance through demonstrations on feeding (breast or bottle feeding), bathing & dressing (general baby care/hygiene) and educating you about setting a routine for the new-born
  • Formula feeding sterilizing baby bottles
  • Changing nappies

Our HHC nurses will be taking care of the following by providing mother- baby care:

  • To obtain head to toe baby assessment
  • To provide loving care for the baby
  • To observe babies normal growth and development
  • Promote hygienic umbilical cord care
  • Promoting skin care for avoiding diaper rash
  • Helping out in establishing baby sleeping and feeding patterns
  • Promote birth registration and timely vaccination according to national schedules
  • Identify and support newborns needing additional care
  • Promote and support early breast feeding and nutrition counseling
  • Helping out in establishing normal sleeping and feeding patterns
  • Feeding by bottle or bringing baby to mother for nursing as specified by the mom
  • Burping and settling the baby back to sleep after each feed
  • Changing nappies and cleaning the area properly to avoid nappy rash
  • Dressing your baby in clean cloths as needed
  • Formulating a daily routine around the house
  • Bathing the baby as directed by the mother (full or half wash)
  • Avoiding diaper rash by promoting and follow skin care routine for the baby
  • Assisting and supporting the mother with breastfeeding
  • Sterilising and preparing baby’s bottles for the next feed
  • Promote safety and high level of hygiene around the baby
  • Cleanliness of baby’s room
  • Helping to create a nurturing, stimulating environment for the baby during waking hour or caring for the baby during the night while the parents taking needed rest
  • Documenting baby’s pattern including sleep log, feeding log and changing log
  • Providing parental guidance and support
  • Playing with the baby
  • Ask the mother for swollen, red or tender breast or nipples, manage breastfeeding problems if possible, if not, refer her to a health facility for care
  • Counsel about danger signs for mother and newborn and advice on where to seek early care when needed
  • Assess mother’s well being with regards to excessive bleeding, headache, fits, fever, feeling very weak, breathing difficulties, foul smelling discharge, painful urination, and severe abdominal or perineal pain. If she has any of these symptoms, refer her to a health facility for care

We offer comprehensive quality care for your child starting from birth to adolescence, healthy or with any medical conditions.  Our experienced nurses will make initial visit and make the plan of care for HHC nurses to follow.



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